Weavings 2014 Artist Statement

Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau 2014
Wellington Village, Parkdale Market

I like to take objects that are mundane or taken for granted and twist/pull the focus to illuminate something that is actively present but deemed unimportant. These weavings illustrate the invisible relationships between the contours of the constructed objects in our lived environment. In so doing they create new playful spaces or disturb useful spaces. Our eyes are constantly adapting and pulling focus as we maneuver through constructed environments as we make sense of an unending series of geometric and man-made installations. We discard most of our visual and audio data as unnecessary. These weavings poetically articulate what our brain considers to be trash. The weavings have little structure and yet breathe the idea of structure. At times the planes look dense and at other times they appear ephemeral. I am illustrating the process of seeing/not seeing – what we choose to have time to perceive and what we choose to bypass. I want to stop the intention of discarding the obvious.

~ Cheers, Ingrid


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