MAP Illustrations 2010

12 Responses to MAP Illustrations 2010

  1. claudia says:

    meine liebe ingrid,
    dann werden wir etwas internationalitaet auf deine website bringen mit einem deutschsprachigen eintrag;-) ich finde deine bilder grossartig, von der idee bis zur endfassung. aus alltaeglichen dingen etwas besonders zu machen, fasziniert mich immer wieder. und wenn so etwas meiner kusine einfaellt, umso mehr!!!!! du kannst stolz auf dich sein! viele bussi…c.


  2. Denise Taylor says:

    These are fascinating. Brilliant. I love them. I love how your lines change from map to map to fit their personality. More bold and solid for New York. More wild for Everest and haunting for Everest. And so on. The patterns and detail in Flamenco are beautiful. Each one seems to navigate its way to character of the place. Bravo, Ingrid! And encore!


  3. Carolyn Goff says:

    I am so delighted that my sister forwarded your blog to me.
    Your art speaks volumes and actually inspires me to travel again!
    I love Vienna and Flamenco!
    Hope all is well,


  4. Anya Mallinger says:

    Very impressive and original, Ingrid! The girls have been telling me about these map illustrations for a while and I will definitely check out your art show at Natura.


  5. Anne O'Connor says:

    Wow! Now I know why I have not seen you! These are wonderful. I’ll go to Natura tomorrow. Anne


  6. Felica D. Kelso says:

    Some believe the world “is” and we find our place and meaning within it. I believe we evoke our world, creating it as we go for our own pleasure and purpose. Some days I forget this, get stuck in place, and feel my inspiration slink into a slump. Ingrid, your fascinating works of art – especially Philippines, Atlantis, Atlantis, detail, Kublai Khan, Vienna Ballet Countess, Ireland and England, and Manitoulin -ignite a remembering in me of this core belief. Your art has danced around my thoughts and emotions today; coaxing out interpretations, bursting apart paradigms, realigning my senses, striking innate inspiration, and alighting my awareness with new possibilities for my own creativity in action. Thank you for the soul dance, my dear Ingrid! As Dr. Seuss once said, “Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.”


  7. Marie Jacobsen says:

    Dear Ingrid! You should take a look at Denmark! I’m Danish myself, at it’s always said, that Jutland looks like som kind of farmer and Zealand looks like a boy. I personally think that Funen looks like a hedgehog and the island of Als looks like a dinosaur. I also think that the Scandinavian peninsula looks like a ram or something. Take a look at it!


  8. kopachris says:

    Wow. Just wow.


  9. Very nice, keep working hard.


  10. DuaneW says:

    I always saw the same female outlined in the Atlantic (bust in No. America, rump in Africa). You may want to explore France. It’s the head of a hooded monk with a goatee. The hood is Alsace, the goatee is Brittany, the rest of the face and head become apparent.


  11. D. says:

    I found my way here from The Daily Dish… I love maps and your work is like nothing I’ve seen before. I’m also inspired by the France/monk comment because is it just me or is Australia a roasted pig hanging from its hooves?


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