The MotherHood Experience Artist Statement

I believe in honesty and truth.  I don’t confuse those with beauty or simplicity.  I seek to create an honest dialogue between myself and my art as well as my art and the greater community.  I think that this MotherHood series is a great entry point into the truth of who I am.

The experience of being a mother is so visceral.  Creating art is visceral.  We rise to the calling.  We are constantly being beckoned forth.  The forces are pulling and pushing at all times – in the middle of the night.  Practically speaking, motherhood gets in the way of making art for a while.  But there is still symmetry in their essence – a physical and emotional imperative.  The artist in me cannot help but interpret the contours and edges of motherhood into a visual experience.

My MotherHood series is a collection of 2-D and 3-D mixed-media pieces that illustrate the “collective isolation” and condition of motherhood in Western society.  I hope to create an understanding of this “collective isolation” and an appreciation for what women are experiencing, by taking the tools of motherhood and womanhood and twisting them slightly.  MotherHood is a series of mash-ups of common household items (cutlery, kitchenware and under-garments) and identifiable art mediums (wood and plaster).  The result is soft organic lines that, hopefully, point toward beauty—yet simultaneously suggest an insidious heaviness.  I want to create a wordless combination of exhaustion, isolation and camaraderie that often is expressed from one woman to another as, “How the hell did I get here?”

The pieces in this tribute to women come directly from the art journals I kept while I was the mother of young children.  As I look back on those years, I remember feeling that I wasn’t getting any art done.  Yet I have journal upon journal of opinions and insights about motherhood; sketches devoted to my experiences as a wife and mother along with the experiences of my peers.  Motherhood has matured me in a direction that art alone never could have done.

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