Nuit Blanche Sept 2014 & Kickstarter Update

22 Days left to collect funds!!!

I’ve raised $1660 of $5000 total.
That is 33% of total.
Funds yet to raise = $3340.
I have 14 Backers.
217 Views of the Project Video.

Wee Story about the video example:

I wanted to show Nuit Blanche how the lines in Invisible Landscapes would change as you pass through it. So, I did some renegade mid-night weaving at a location close to the Ottawa River. Then when I was done I decided that I should know how durable it is. I had my boys throw themselves at it to gauge it’s strength. So, apart from being diaphonous and playful, it’s also very bouncy and strong.

And, funny story, I just got a pledge from a bicyclist who passes through those gates every day on his way to work and wondered, “Who put this here?” I’m glad he pledged and thinks I’m adding to the community. It’s exciting.

Thanks for all of the pledgeskeep ‘em coming!

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Latest X-ray by Ingrid Dabringer


Squash Problems, 2014 by Ingrid Dabringer

Here’s my latest

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Poem – Full Gibbous Gibbous Gibbous Half


Moon - Timelapse

Moon – Exposure


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Hey Peeps – Thanks for the Art-a-thon Participation!

Don’t forget to collect and send the funds at some point soon.
Have a great Easter weekend!

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Apparently, creativity needs time, go figure…..

And, newsflash, chicken soup is also good for you when you’re sick – scientists even took the time (AND MONEY) to prove what a million mothers new already.

Watch the Video:

KidsandCreativity Video

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Poem ~ Everybody needs me

Everybody needs meMarch2013_cropped

the cats
the dog
the kids
the man
the fire
everybody needs me
to put them to bed

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Art-a-thon ~ Community Arts Activism


Get busy finding sponsors and making art.
Fundraiser for National Youth Arts Week is underway. Click on image to watch Ingrid explain the smorgasbord of artistic possiblities which is the ART-A-THON!!!

The Art-a-thon is a Fundraiser for National Youth Arts Week programming presented by the Arts Council of SSM & District. It is a city-wide, multi-venue, all-ages, art-making marathon.

Follow the Art-a-thon HERE.

This Shaw PSA is on the air until Friday, March 22nd ~ The day of the Art-a-thon.


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